Original Rayma Bracelet

The Original Rayma® Bracelet

Balance Your Body’s Ions and Renew Your Body’s Energy mallorca-sunset

The Rayma® Balance Bracelet is manufactured in Spain and first introduced to the world in 1984. On March 4th 1992, in Brussels, the company was awarded the medal for “The Merits to the Progress” and “The Idea Provided to the Invention.”

On April 9th, 1992 the company gained international recognition when awarded the Silver Medal at the Salon International des Inventions et des Techniques Nouvelles de Geneve, Switzerland.  And now available as a beautiful piece of jewelry that can help renew balance to your body’s energy field and renewing power, balance, energy and a healthy life style.

On February 26th 1996, they were recognized for contributing the most from the Balearic Islands to the development of exportation. The Rayma Balance Bracelet today is still manufactured in Mallorca, Spain and is recognized in the market place under the name of Balance Bracelet in the addition to .

Over 14 million people worldwide have used the award-winning RAYMA® Balance Bracelet.  We have received many testimonies about the power balance that they receive when wearing the bracelet.  Customers have expressed getting relief from pain and discomfort associated with arthritis, high blood pressure, poor circulation, rheumatism, headaches, migraines, gout, fibromyalgia, shoulder stiffness and backache.

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ClassicTrnzdaUnlike most conventional pain relief options that carry the risk of side-effects and limit dosage, the RAYMA® Balance Bracelet is drug-free, has no side-effects, and will keep working as long as you wear it. What’s more, the results are often even more dramatic and longer-lasting than many conventional pain relief remedies. A significant improvement is normally felt within the first 12 hours of wearing the bracelet and, whereas other remedies will ‘wear off’, the RAYMA® Balance Bracelet provides relief from pain, stiffness and discomfort in the long-term.

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